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About Us

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What is Chamasoft for SACCOs?

Chamasoft for SACCOs is a book keeping tool for Investment Groups, commonly known as Chamas in Kenya.

It automates the operations of these groups, eliminating the need for complex Excel sheets and bulky write up, there by making the work of financial book keeping within the group easier.

It acheives this in the following way: It automates member invoicing, keeps an updated statement for each member, members can login to view their financial positin within the group, reminds members to make payments, stores group data on the cloud (available 24/7 anywhere in the world) and a cash book module for use by the Treasurer.

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Who we are?

We are group of talented and ambitious individuals looking to revolutionise how Investment Groups work.

Chamasoft for SACCOs is a simple to use web application that enables investment groups to manage all their group activities and communications. The cloud based solution enables group administrators to easily and efficiently track all contribution accounts within the group.

Why Choose Chamasoft for SACCOs

When it comes to managing your groups finances,
one needs to choose tools that ease the work load, are accurate and accessible.

Financial information stored on Chamasoft for SACCOs is done securely ensuring your information is only visible to authorized users.


Chamasoft for SACCOs is available 24/7 as long as you have a reliable Internet connection, available anywhere in the world.


Using Chamasoft for SACCOs, the treasurer only needs to record payments as they come and Chamasoft for SACCOs handles the reporting behalf of the treasurer.

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Managing Investment Group Payments

Chamasoft for SACCOs gracefully handles the different payments made to the Investment Group.

These payments include contributions payments, penalty payments, customer payments, supplier payments, special deposits, member loan payments, bank loan payments. These payments are handled by the treasurer on the system.

The platform is accessible online through desktop and mobile, hence with a reliable Internet connection one can manage the Investment Group Records with ease.

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Investment Group Reporting

Simply, the platform is a book keeping and reporting tool for your Investment Group.

Made for treasurers with a tight schedule looking to manage their records in an immaculate manner, Chamasoft for SACCOs is for them, it handles repetitive tasks such a debt tracking leaving one to record payments as they come in.

Once recorded the platform aggregates the information entered to produce the following reports; member deposit reports, member statements, receipts, cash flow statement, balance sheet , profit and loss statement which are all exportable for presentation and storage purposes.


Financial Management

Chamasoft for SACCOs acts as an online treasurer. All one does is record payments and Chamasoft for SACCOs reconciles the records.

Membership Management

Chamasoft for SACCOs allows one to register all members on the system where they access to their chama records online.

Bank Account Management

Chamasoft for SACCOs records withdrawals, transfers and deposits that are performed on the bank accounts.

Expense Management

Chamasoft for SACCOs allows users to track expenses as they occur, be it for land purchases or payments for services.

Project Management

One can track projects e.g. Expenses regarding purchase of land, and the contributions needed to carry out the project.

Loan Management

For chamas that do internal lending, Chamasoft for SACCOs provides a platform for recording these loans.

Financial Reports

Chamasoft for SACCOs generates the following reports; Member Statements, Cashflow, Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss

One Time Penalty Management

One can penalize members for issues such a late coming and this will be reflected on the members' statement



Chamasoft for SACCOs is charged on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, depending on your preferences.
  • KES 30
  • per Member
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  • KES 200
  • per Member
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  • KES 75
  • per Member
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Some of the awards the software has received.
  • mashable
  • virgin
  • forbes
  • microsoft


Chamasoft for SACCOs is the Leading Premium Chama Management Software in Kenya.